5. 10. 2018   18:00 - midnight

Come to enjoy the science-filled night at CEITEC

At CEITEC BUT (Purkyňova 123, tram stop 12, Technological park)

You can enjoy the program:

  • Brand new robotic testbed; will our robots make something just for you?
  • Laboratory of electric motors; engine you can see and hear !
  • How does acoustics and sensors work?
  • How is the development of the face examined? Get your 3D models and fit your 3D glasses!


  • Do you know what a ferrofluid is? Do you want to see how strange it is in the magnetic field?
  • Can the magnet stop being a magnet?
  • What is a magnetic brake?

Try it

  • Laboratory suits; can you put them on faster than our scientists and technicians?
  • How about a tasty nitrogen ice cream?

For registered extra

  • Tour of CEITEC Nano Laboratories, the largest clean laboratories in the Czech Republic. Try how the Electron Microscope works; what can you see with it?

Our PETER project results by Lorenzo Tesi and PETER published in Small Methods. 30 times better SNR. Potentially 7500.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 767227.