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H2020 Training on Amendments and Covid-19


22 May 2020 |Type: Open XML |Size: 386.08 kB |File: 2_amendments-legal-basis_en.pptx


22 May 2020 |Type: Open XML |Size: 387.73 kB |File: 7_gm-under-covid19_en.pptx


22 May 2020 |Type: Open XML |Size: 2.82 MB |File: 4_avoiding-errors_en.pptx


22 May 2020 |Type: Open XML |Size: 6.98 MB |File: 3_amendments-bp-it_en.pptx

World-leading scientists & health experts say €7.5 billion is needed to develop solutions to test, treat & protect people, and prevent #coronavirus from spreading. Join the EU’s #GlobalResponse pledging effort: https://europa.eu/global-response/ #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 767227.