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WEBEX Meeting presentations January 2021

Minutes 2021-01-28 BC-TS

16 Feb 2021 |Type: Open XML |Size: 18.41 kB |File: Minutes 2021-01-28 BC-TS

Due deliverables and milestones.docx

2 Feb 2021 |Type: Open XML |Size: 156.96 kB |File: Due deliverables and milestones.docx

Outline-BUT agenda.pptx

2 Feb 2021 |Type: Open XML |Size: 2.09 MB |File: Outline-BUT agenda.pptx


2 Feb 2021 |Type: PDF |Size: 2.24 MB |File: News_simulations_LTesi.pdf


2 Feb 2021 |Type: PDF |Size: 2.76 MB |File: PETERProbeEPRAssembly-Hrtoň.pdf.pdf


2 Feb 2021 |Type: Open XML |Size: 13.56 MB |File: 2021-01-28-PETER-meeting-Konečný.pptx

PETER Workshop-NGU.pptx

2 Feb 2021 |Type: Open XML |Size: 496.09 kB |File: PETER Workshop-NGU.pptx

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 767227.